Earlier this year, Baseball Alberta announced Darren Dekinder was retiring after a ten-year run as executive director. The long-time coach and umpire was applauded widely for his contributions to the game, including overseeing a massive growth in the sport in this province over the last few years. However, it left a major hole at the top of the organization.

Enter: Tam Rosnau. She has an impressive resume, working in sport on a variety of levels. She’s also very familiar with Baseball Alberta, having served as a program coordinator over the couple of years. And talk about getting thrown right into the fire. With the COVID-19 pandemic hanging over everyone’s head, it’s been a game of wait-and-see from a health and safety perspective, which is tough when you’re hoping to plan ahead for a summer on the baseball diamond. We talked about that and much more in this conversation from last week.

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